Of United Methodist Women

The United Methodist Women
shall be a community of women whose PURPOSE
is to know God and to experience freedom as
whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a
 creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand
concepts of mission through participation in the
global ministries of the church.

umw   +
We are women who are striving to make God more real in our
own lives as well as in the lives around us.

What We Have Been Up To

Field Trip to Carson Park Museum
field trip

Field Trip to Irvine Park 

carson park

Christmas Luncheon
christmas luncheon1

Christmas Luncheon
christmas lunheon 2

Christmas Cookie Walk

cookie walk1

Christmas Cookie Walk

cookie walk2

Come and Join Us In 2017 - We Would Love To Have You!
2017 Calendar

January 5th
  9:00 Executive Bd mtg
  9:30    Brunch - Hope
10:00    Unit mtg
       Installation of Officers 
11:00    Program 

February 2nd
 9:30    Brunch - Faith
10:00     Program "Mission in Ghana" presented by Linette Moran

March 2nd
 9:30    Brunch with Hope Fellowship
10:00    Unit mtg
    Program Elderly Abuse presented by Cara from Family Resource Center

April 6th
9:30    Brunch
10:00 Program   "Mirror Images" presented by author Lori Norlander

April 22nd
Spring Day of Enrichment @ Holcombe UMC

May 4th
  9:00  Executive Bd  mtg
9:30  Brunch - Faith Fellowship
10:00 Unit Business mtg
   11:00 Program - "Micro aggression/Racial Profiling" presented by Jean Kissack, District UMW officer

 June 1st
   9:30 Brunch - Hope Fellowship
  10:00 Program "Downsize and Declutter Your Life"

 Sept 7th
  9:00 Executive Board mtg
9:30 Brunch - Faith Fellowship
10:00  Unit Business mtg
   10:30 Pledge Service
Program -  "Nutrition Tips"  presented by Sue Block
September 16th
  Annual Gathering @ Barron UMC

October 5th
  10:30  Field Trip Chippewa Valley Museum at Carson Park

October 15th
 UMW Sunday/Pie Sale - $7.00 a pie

November 2nd
9:30 Brunch Ruth Anne & Marion
10:00 Unit Business mtg
               World Thank Offering
  11:00 Program "Historical Aspects of Biblical Times" presented by Pastor Richard Estrem-Fuller

Dec 7th
    11:30 Sampler Lunch
         12:30  "A Collection of Christmas Blessings"

For additional information, contact the church (723-2806) or
Marion Strandberg at 715-497-5317 or e-mail pstrandberg1367@charter.net